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Human or Faunus? Neither...Wait what? by NightWingTerror
Human or Faunus? Neither...Wait what?
This is my RWBY OC Nightan Galestrom (Nightingal for short) and for fun and aside from my other RWBY OC he's an experiment or accident as people would call him. Team is NEVR (Team Nevermore For now)

(Appearance) Nights is a 6'8 tall guy with light indigo hair, 20 years old, Orange eyes with a red ring around his iris  he wears an outfit that has different parts that resemble different Grimm as well as pointed ears and tusks growing out of the side of his mouth.

(Outfit) He wears a scarf that resembles a King Taijitu, his outfit itself is infused with dust that resembles the markings of Boarbatusks, his gauntlets markings resemble Beowolves, his greaves resemble Ursa's. Then there's the markings on his face which he's had since birth which resemble the Goliath.

Weapons (The Gauntlets: Maddokingusu: The Mad Kings; Greaves: Jaakuna Joo: The Wicked Queens)
Nights weapons are dust infused piston gauntlets and greaves. Each gauntlet and greave has four casings of dust in them that will infuse into them and create a powerful elemental punch. He can also activate his hydraulic pistons in his weapons that will expel all the dust into one powerful super punch. Downside all four casings will be emptied. Because of this Nights carries around 10 cases of dust on his belt. The long range aspect of his weapons is that he can channel what ever element of dust he's using into his gauntlets and fire it either as a long-ranged bolt/shell or mid-ranged shockwave, or he channels the dust in his outfit into a sphere-like shockwave. Shot in distance but pretty powerful within range

(Semblance) The 4 Stances of Grimm
Nightan's semblance is a little weird. Because of what happened to him when he was in his mothers womb he's been classified as a Faunus, but he calls himself a Grimmlin, because Grimm DNA is infused within his body which actually affects his semblance. His semblance is based off of different styles of fighting but these styles are based off of 4 different Grimm; Beowolf, Ursa, Boarbatusks and Goliath. The styles are also based off of his aura's color which ranges from Blue (Ursa), Red (Beowolf), Orange (Boarbatusk), and Green (Goliath). (Green being his actual aura color) With the different stances his strengths change as well an all around is heightened senses. Each stance has a time limit that he can use it for;

Blue (Ursa Stance) 50 Minutes; x2-5 strength, doesn't flinch.
    Weakness; Speed is halved

Red (Beowolf Stance) 1 hour; x2-5 speed, reflexes, and stamina.
    Weakness; Defense decreases the faster he becomes.

Orange (Boarbatusk Stance) 35-40 minutes; x5 Defense
    Weakness; Strength halved

Green (Goliath Stance) Main used 5-10 mins; x50-100 strength & Defense
    Weakness; Speed, Stamina drops just as hard as his attack increases

(Side Affects XoX/ Extra Abilities) There's another special thing about his semblance, when he's using his stances and he stays in them nearing the full time or during his stance in general, his aura extends outward and takes the form of that Grimm almost like a giant Aura shadow that extends his reach as well as his hit box and accelerates his time in that state and cuts it in half (like in the pic he's currently using the Goliath Stance).

BUT, because of the thing with Grimm not having auras and him being half/part, when he uses aura it might protect him but it affects him for example. The reason why he has huge pointed ears tusks is because he uses the Goliath stance A LOT and always pushes himself and oversteps the time limit which causes him to gain certain attributes like the tusks and ears. Also he never takes off his greaves (like he uses them as shoes always) because his feet/legs have deformed to become digitigrade legs and his feet are like beowolves. Also the more he's in that stance and overexerts himself, example, he's using his Goliath and he forces himself to move at his normal speed (which is faster) and passes the time limit he'll slowly start to lose his humanity and act like a Grimm.

(Back Story)
During the days that Mountain Glenn was around scientist experimented on the creatures of Grimm that were able to be captured. Two of the Hunters/Huntresses that were overseeing the project as well as making sure that nothing went wrong like Grimm breaking out were Nights parents. At the time of this him mother was pregnant with him (big shocker) But she was one of those people that didn't let something like being pregnant stop her from doing her job. During an experimentation while trying to harvest the essence of a Grimm the machine malfunctioned and the Grimm got lose while it was destabilizing and dissolving. His mother attacked and defeated the Grimm but a large amount of the essence of the Grimm got into her causing her to fall severely ill for 2 months.

After he illness she made a recovery and the baby wasn't harmed or so they thought. After Nights was born he was... different than the other kids. He was quiet, like only said one word a day quiet. Was agile and just all around strange in different ways and his ears were pointed but his eyes were orange with a thin red ring around his iris, which were found out later to be because of the Grimm essence that was absorbed by his mother. So because of this kids did pick on him and he had a hard time talking or socializing.

(Night age:10) When the final hours of Mountain Glenn came he and a group of people escaped through the tunnels before they were sealed as Nights parents stayed behind making sure that they had time to get to the city before the Grimm did. And all that Nights heard were the cries of his parents telling him to keep running no matter what.

After that incident he never really socialized again with anyone until he was 18.
Jinsei no Gadian: Guardian of Life by NightWingTerror
Jinsei no Gadian: Guardian of Life
I was going through looking for what to represent a guardian deity for a new character of mine Drasil (Short for Yggdrasil) So i started looking up different looks for certain deities or guardian spirit like beings and I ran into the God Ganesha. I've already had an idea for another character to look like Ganesha but I decided to make it Drasil's guardian deity.
He's not a normal sized person but he's pretty massive. Drasil is the size of Gadian's hand (I'll draw him in his hand later once I complete the pic) Looking at all the representations of Ganesha one of the main things that I'm missing is his crown but I'm probably not going to include it unless I can draw it which I hope I can lol. If not then I'll draw another pic of the two with Gadian in a full outfit that Ganesha wears and Drasil in a mini outfit of his. His hands and feet as well as his tusks are partially stone because he's a deity that was released from his stone ensealment and is still gaining back his strength. Because of Drasil releasing him Jinsei swore his service and power to Drasil and that he'll be there for him whenever he needs him
My Power Is Growing Stronger by NightWingTerror
My Power Is Growing Stronger
This is my Heartless Deus <da:thumb id="329926106"> in his prepared to fight, stance. I have yet to think of a name for his Keyblade, maybe something like Endless Thorn. Its still in the making so I'll try and upload it completed when I can.
Lich Dragon Balance Break!! by NightWingTerror
Lich Dragon Balance Break!!
This is my High School DXD OC, Bastion Hollow
Name: Bastion Hollow
Species: Fallen Angel
Rank: 6 Wings becomes 8 when in Balance Break
Sacred Gear: Lich Dragons bane; Seimei no ītā (Eater of Life)
Power: Able to steal life force if within a 30 ft radius but steals life faster when touching

Bastion's S.G is the Lich Dragons bane, the jewel(s) reside on his chest and his forehead. The reason for this is because the Lich Dragon tries to always take over the users mind and soul and devour the power of the other dragons S.G's. Because of Bastion's level of power he's been able to keep the dragon from taking over his mind, also the fact that lot of the time they both agree on certain things... like hating and wanting to kill the same person. 

When he activates his S.G. he gains two gauntlets and greaves both with a sword like blade on his gauntlets and a knife blade on the achilles heels of his greaves. When he uses his gear he gains a line like formation on his skin as well as his eyes glow purple and chances to the dragons eye. His eyes changing also symbolizes him giving the dragon control. He sacrificed his mind and his arms to Lich in order to gain power to destroy and decapitate a certain loudmouth cocky Phoenix nobleman. Everyone thought of him as a crazy idiot when he gave ups his mind but Lich doesn't seem to try to take over him except to take over and voice his own opinion in certain conversations.

Bastion has 6 wings but is on the power level of a Fallen Angel that has 8 wings. When he enters his Balance Break his body is encased within armor and on his back he gain 8 spikes that turn into wings. He can use these spikes to squire his opponents as instead of having one blade on his arms and legs he gain 4 blades. While in that state Lich (The dragon) is more cooperative with Bastion and are said to be perfectly in sync when it comes to battle as well as using their powers. Also while in his Balance break he gains 8 wings instead of six and can steal power as well as life force. When it comes to stealing life force he can create a field that will steal the life force of anyone that touches it in mere seconds. So while hanging out with the main group they all tend to keep their distance from him except for Koneko and strangely as well as Akeno.


Bien-aime :D
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome all to my domain friends and visitors. I'm Gabriel or you can just call me Gab, Nightwing, Nights, or Terror. I am a traditional artist for life and love it. Check out my arts and literature. You'll find something interesting in my arsenal, trust me. (bows, sprouts wings and flies into the sky leaving black feathers behind)
Well the title says it all lol XD, who's going to Sacanime this weekend :D

I'm out of Ideas (for now) on what to draw. What do you all wonna see me draw more of? 

3 deviants said More of one of my OC's
1 deviant said A character from my stories
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