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Lich Dragon Balance Break!! by NightWingTerror
Lich Dragon Balance Break!!
This is my High School DXD OC, Bastion Hollow
Name: Bastion Hollow
Species: Fallen Angel
Rank: 6 Wings becomes 8 when in Balance Break
Sacred Gear: Lich Dragons bane; Seimei no ītā (Eater of Life)
Power: Able to steal life force if within a 30 ft radius but steals life faster when touching

Bastion's S.G is the Lich Dragons bane, the jewel(s) reside on his chest and his forehead. The reason for this is because the Lich Dragon tries to always take over the users mind and soul and devour the power of the other dragons S.G's. Because of Bastion's level of power he's been able to keep the dragon from taking over his mind, also the fact that lot of the time they both agree on certain things... like hating and wanting to kill the same person. 

When he activates his S.G. he gains two gauntlets and greaves both with a sword like blade on his gauntlets and a knife blade on the achilles heels of his greaves. When he uses his gear he gains a line like formation on his skin as well as his eyes glow purple and chances to the dragons eye. His eyes changing also symbolizes him giving the dragon control. He sacrificed his mind and his arms to Lich in order to gain power to destroy and decapitate a certain loudmouth cocky Phoenix nobleman. Everyone thought of him as a crazy idiot when he gave ups his mind but Lich doesn't seem to try to take over him except to take over and voice his own opinion in certain conversations.

Bastion has 6 wings but is on the power level of a Fallen Angel that has 8 wings. When he enters his Balance Break his body is encased within armor and on his back he gain 8 spikes that turn into wings. He can use these spikes to squire his opponents as instead of having one blade on his arms and legs he gain 4 blades. While in that state Lich (The dragon) is more cooperative with Bastion and are said to be perfectly in sync when it comes to battle as well as using their powers. Also while in his Balance break he gains 8 wings instead of six and can steal power as well as life force. When it comes to stealing life force he can create a field that will steal the life force of anyone that touches it in mere seconds. So while hanging out with the main group they all tend to keep their distance from him except for Koneko and strangely as well as Akeno.
This is my newest OC Zettaireido, his name means "Absolute Zero" so I thought it was appropriate because of what he is. He's a legendary Ice sovereign that was said to have created the frozen zones of the worlds. After a great war him and the other Sovereign's have been without much of their power and the people are rounding them up trying to destroy them after they blamed them for the war happening in the first place.

Zeti, as he's been called by other Sovereign's is a 6'6, sugilite colored dreadlocks semi-frozen, wears a jacket of different design everyday with patches of ice on him with a large partially frozen ring changed to his back, bandages over his right eye and a frozen scar over/around his left eye. When he fights the ring becomes unchained and rotates turning the air into frozen air, also has a three pronged scar on his chest.

After the capture of the Fire 
Sovereign Amaterasu Zeti went to her rescue but was lured and captured as well and imprisoned with boiling hot chains. Before Amaterasu's execution could be successful he unleashed the power he withheld and completely froze half of the entire compound that held them breaking free and shattering anyone that was in his way. His most powerful attack is by unchaining his ring, turns into his Sovereign state which resembles a frozen bat, and breaths a spiral like flame that freezes anything and everything that comes into contact with it. After he breaks them both out he's too weak and couldn't return to his realm. So he now resides within the mortal world helping other spirits and sovereigns and keeping them out of the hands of the mortals until his powers return.
Why Are These Flame Bubbles Following Me? by NightWingTerror
Why Are These Flame Bubbles Following Me?
Based off of Hsien-Ko from MVC this is one of my new OC's Shoyū-shite (Meaning Possessed) His story goes that he's the spirit of a 17 year old who died during his cities destruction and has been used in a occult seance which caused him to be taken over or possessed by a great evil spirit(s) and a fallen angel that tries to keep them from taking over Shoyū's body and giving him nearly the same type of arsenal that Hsien-Ko with the main weapons like the huge giant claws.

After getting into a confrontation with a priest and a spiritual monk, 12 seals were placed on his body and clothing, on his hat going counterclockwise is the seals of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. On his left arm is the seals of Chaos, and Light. On his right is the seals Darkness and Shock. On his right leg is the seal of dimensions, and his left is the seal of Soul. and on his chest is the seal of Control where the fallen angel resides. When one of the 12 seals are broken he slowly starts to go insanely evil.

The seals can be redone but when they are he loses a part of himself. For example, if his seal of Control (his main seal) is broken he'll go into a tantrum-like berserk mode attacking any and all, and when that seal is redone, he'll regain himself but he'll forget who either someone is or who he is.

He's ran into Hsien-Ko and travels with her after his first "reset" where he starts acting like a kid and because he looks like her, with the clothing and claws, he calls her sister and asked her why she doesn't have the many seals, talismans or prayer bead's and ropes around her and the main question, "Why are these flame bubbles following me? Hsien-Ko can sense the entities inside him as well as see the wisps which contain the powers and souls of the entities and he can sense her sister within the tag on her forehead.

His main power other then the weapons his that he's a frost elemental, thanks to the power of the fallen angel within him. But because he barely knows how to use his power, parts of him has already started to freeze but the F.A. and Hsien-Ko keeps him from completely freezing.
Now You See Me ^^ by NightWingTerror
Now You See Me ^^
My friend took a pic of me wearing his glasses and said I looked cool but I thought I looked weird, so I though, "Eh, hey might as well show my followers the true face of Nightwingterror ^^"


Bien-aime :D
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome all to my domain friends and visitors. I'm Gabriel or you can just call me Gab, Nightwing, Nights, or Terror. I am a traditional artist for life and love it. Check out my arts and literature. You'll find something interesting in my arsenal, trust me. (bows, sprouts wings and flies into the sky leaving black feathers behind)
Well the title says it all lol XD, who's going to Sacanime this weekend :D

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